Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Flashing Indian firmware on Samsung devices for Reliance Jio to work

This guide is only applicable for 4G Samsung phones purchased outside India.

Those who have bought their phones overseas are now struggling to use Reliance Jio because they do not support VoLTE. And this guide will help you in making the Samsung phone to support VoLTE and Samsung Pay as well.

Before trying out this guide please make sure you have a 4G Samsung phone.

Let’s get started. 👍

1.       Ensure the phone is charged over 60%. This process will wipe your entire data on the phone.

2.       Check the model number of your Samsung phone.

Settings --> About --> Model Number

3.       Go to the site https://www.sammobile.com/firmwares/ and insert your model number in the search bar and it will show all the available firmware versions for your model along with the country names. Check for INS or INU which indicates the Indian firmware. Download the latest Indian firmware for your model.

Below is the search result for the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge (SM-G935FD) filtered by the Country India (INS). Click on the latest version and download the file.

4.       Download the latest ODIN from http://odindownload.com/ or Here

5.       Extract or Unzip the firmware file into a folder. Avoid using winrar as it can cause errors. Use 7zip instead.

6.       Run/Open ODIN as Administrator

7.       Put the phone in download mode. Shutdown your phone. Press Power + Home + Volume down. A screen appears asking you whether to continue or not. Press Volume up to continue. Connect the phone to the computer via a good USB cable. The ODIN should show the it has detected your phone.

8.       From the extracted firmware put the below files in ODIN. Click on the buttons BL, AP, CP,  CSC one by one and choose the respective files. The file to be chosen for BL will start with file name BL. The file to go for AP will start with the file name AP and so on as shown in the following image.


9.       Check the below options. (for this select Options tab).

F.reset time
Auto reboot

10.   Here we are installing Indian country firmware from other country’s firmware so we need to change the System partition size. To do this select PIT file and the check the below checkbox. Note: PIT file is not required nowadays as it is already built-in the CSC file. So just check the below option as shown in the following image.


Note: If you are installing a multi CSC firmware, and your existing CSC is in that firmware, then DO NOT select Re-partition.

You can check if your firmware is Multi-CSC by installing this app (Phone Info). Link given below:


11.   Now click the Start button and wait until the ODIN shows PASS. The phone will now reboot.

12.   To receive OTA updates, after installing the firmware, put the phone into Recovery Mode and wipe cache then wipe data/factory reset.

To go to the recovery mode press Power + Home + Volume up button. Now select ‘Cache Partition’ and wipe it. Then ‘wipe data/factory reset’ and reboot your phone.

You are done.✌ Post your comments below if you had flashed successfully or if you faced any issue or want anymore help. Let me know if you are stuck somewhere, I can provide you live support.


  1. Replies
    1. It works. I Have tried it. Are you facing any issues?

  2. Hi, thanks for the detailed steps. But I've got one query. I read the instructions in sammobile's website(https://www.sammobile.com/firmwares/galaxy-s7/SM-G930FD/INS/download/G930FXXU1DQE7/167250/) and it says that "Make sure re-partition is NOT ticked". I'm a little confused here, could you help.

    1. If you are installing a multi CSC firmware, and your existing CSC is in that firmware, then DO NOT select Re-partition.

      If your CSC is totally a new one then you need to select re-partition.

      E.g.. If you have UAE firmware then it has a CSC. This UAE CSC goes in hand with some other countries' firmware so you need not select re-partition in that case. But if you want to flash an Indian firmware from UAE firmware then re-partition should be selected.

      To know the list of CSCs that goes hand in hand, install Phone info app from play store to check it.

    2. It seems INS CSC(for India) is not available in UAE firmware which implies that to flash an Indian firmware from UAE firmware re-partition should be selected in ODIN.

      Phone INFO app shows that UAE CSC (Code:XSG) comes along with following CSC Codes(on Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge - SM-G935FD)...

  3. Thanks for the explanation. Will the dual sim function work post this firmware change?

    1. Yes. It works. All the firmware displayed for your model(If it's a dual sim) in sammobile will definitely support dual sim.

  4. Thanks for this. Could you kindly confirm if dual sim features for 1 Jio sim and 1 non volte Airtel sim will work in this phone, post loading the new firmware, just like an India Samsung?

    1. Yes. It works. Am currently using Jio in 1st sim and Vodafone in 2nd sim.
      You can even access 3G or 4G from 2nd sim. To do this go to Sim Card manager from setting and change the network mode as required.

  5. Hi, I have the same situation, Samsung pay not working in India and phone's TRA ID shows UAE written on top. I have never tried any such things before and bit worried about what if anything goes wrong? What are the risks here? How recover if something goes wrong, please guide!

    1. Hi, It's unlikely that Samsung Pay in non-Indian firmware phones work in India.
      If you want Samsung Pay and Jio to work in India then the safest way is to flash an Indian firmware.
      There is no risk here. Need to make sure that you use a good USB cable, Charge the phone over 80%, follow the instructions as is and don't miss any point, Do not turn off PC/Laptop while the process is going on. And finally you will done.

      If at all something goes wrong, it's easy to return back to your original firmware(UAE) or whatever the country firmware the phone had initially. Using Samsung Smart Switch will help to restore to stock conditions. Note down your phone's S/N(This would be available in package box or use an app to get the S/N). Put the phone in download mode and connect to PC, choose Emergency Software recovery and initialization from Smart Switch. Proceed as per ongoing instructions.

    2. Thanks for your inputs!

      I did went through the series of steps and execution was successful. Got my device up an running in ~30 mins. Everything works fine including SamsungPay :)

      Many thanks for detailed guidance.

    3. Nice to hear that. Thank you. :)

  6. hi odin not detect phone waht to do

    1. Hi. Try connecting with a good working USB cable. And also try in different USB ports.

      Make sure USB drivers have been installed. Install Kies or Smart Switch in your PC, this will install the drivers.

    2. Can you do this for me bc I am not a tech person

    3. I receive gift from my brother A5 2017

    4. What kinda support do you need.

  7. People are advicing me to not to opt fr this...as this would lead to shut down of d phone in future nd others issues as well...what shuld i do?

    1. It's totally safe if you followed the steps correctly. You are gonna flash Samsung's official ROM and there is no risk in it since it is completely stable.