Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Backing up contacts in Android phones using Google account

Missing contacts from our phones is very irritating and getting back those lost contacts is even more tiring.
The easiest way to back up your contacts is by using your Google play store's account. i.e., by your gmail account itself.

Go to Settings --> under ACCOUNTS select Google --> Select the Google account 

Touch 'Contacts' to Sync the contacts. If Sync is enabled by default then you don't need to sync manually.

Touching 'Contacts' syncs your contacts

The next time when you change to a new phone or have done a hard reset, just sign-in with the same Google account and it restores all your contacts.

It also gives you the option to backup and restore Apps, Browser data, Google Keep data, etc.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

How to disable Cell Broadcast messages in Custom ROMs

Cell broadcast messages are the messages that your mobile service provider sends you based on your current geographic location as determined by the cell towers of the service provider. The mobile service provider sends you messages related to weather, location, local news, emergency alerts, advertisements, offers and so on. In the beginning the cell broadcast service was mostly useful, but these days the service providers are using it to advertise various things to the customers. If you have been receiving such messages on your Android smartphone, then you can disable the cell broadcast messages and get rid of these annoyances in just few clicks.There are few ways to disable the Cell Broadcast Messages. Let's see them now. 

1. Method 1 (Need Root access)
The easiest way to disable Cell Broadcast messages in Custom ROMs like ParanoidAndroid, SlimKAT, etc. is to delete an apk file related to Cell Broadcast.

To do this we need root access. Be cautious while deleting this file and you may brick your phone if you deleted some other system file so carry out this task on your own risk but deleting the correct file would help to stop Cell Broadcast messages in future.

Go to System/data and find for CellBroadcastReceiver.apk file and delete it. To be on safer side cut this file and paste in your external SD card. You can permanently delete this file if you were not encountering any other issues with Messages.

2. Method 2 (No Root required)

Go to Messages --> Settings
Select the settings for 'Text Messages'
Go to Cell Broadcast and turn it off